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CD Review: ACES & EIGHTS - No Fluff Added

No Fluff Added
Aces and Eights - Jackson - If I Needed You - Love Hurts - She's In Love With The Boy - Seven Bridges Road - Sea of Heartbreak - Tennessee Whiskey - It Must Be Love - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It - Take Me Home Country Roads - Move It On Over
What's so neat about reviewing CD's by artists that I've already heard previously, is the opportunity for me to listen to an advancement in musical integrity and performance.  Aces & Eights is made up of Kim Bachman and Harland Allen, both excellent musicians as well as presenters and performers.  This particular CD "No Fluff Added" is exactly that. I suspect it is a super good representation of how this lovely duet sounds in concert.   I know a whole big bunch of so-called country singers in Nashville who could not possibly do this kind of CD, simply because they run their voices through what they call the 'box' to take away any perfections or off-key singing they might have done, and they've done a lot.  Both Harland and Kim sing vocals, and their tight harmony works well too.  Harland plays lead acoustic guitar, and Kim plays mandolin, banjo, and also does some guitar work.  In combination, this kind of singing and playing must obviously harken back to another time, another place, where the 'real deal' didn't seem important because that's how it was done.  Can you imagine the Carter Family going through the 'fix it box' thing they do in Nashville.  Kim and Harland are on that same par.  They go the full limit, and present songs in that old style that is so very missing from today's commercial music.  This is where all the fun is, where the 'real deal' is, where there just plain ain't any fluff added, it's 'reality' and in the hands, hearts, and souls of these two fine artists, it's safe and secure for all to hear.  Their selection of material is quite vast as well, and hearing them sing "If I Needed You" an old Townes Van Zandt song extremely well written, and recorded by many in folk music as well as alternative have done it, but I think not quite so without fluff done so well by Harland and Kim.  They are going to be at the 41st National Old Time Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, on the weekend, so I certainly encourage anyone within driving distance to come see and hear them.  Thank you Aces and Eights for 'keeping the flame burning' in old-time music.
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