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CD: SQUEEZIN' STEVE - I Can Hear My Mother Calling

I Can Hear My Mother Calling
Spanish Two Step - I Can Hear My Mother Calling - Old Log Cabin For Sale - The Blind Boy - I Haven't Seen Mary In Years - My Harbour Castle Home - Daughter Nell - Wabash Cannonball - Farewell To Nova Scotia - Will You Love Me When I Am Old And Feeble - Ghost Of Bras D'Or - Fade Love - May You Never Be Alone Like Me - The Rose In Her Hair - Lonesome For Newfoundland - Isle of Newfoundland - Loss Of The Marion - Over the Waves
As many know, I like old-time music, especially old-time country music as much or more than I do modern country music which isn't very country anymore.  For that reason I take a particular liking to those who still play the old songs and tunes, and when they do it on a button accordion it's even better.  Squeezin' Steve is from Canada, Ontario I believe, and his penchant for the old time songs on button accordion is incredibly good.  It's so much fun to hear it the old way.  His accordion playing is immaculate, but he also sings some of those old favorites, and though he's not a Nashville singer, he's just like someone performing and entertaining on the back porch, the real source of real country music.   My favorite old-time country song has to be the "Wabash Cannonball" and Steve does a remarkable job not only playing this great old-time authentic country song on his accordion, he also sings it really well. He follows this nice up-tempo song with "Farewell to Nova Scotia" a kind of sad song full of old-time memories and heartfelt sorrow. "Faded Love" is another traditional song he plays extremely well on the button accordion, and does it as an instrumental, sounding very old-timey and very sincere.  Steve closes this very nice listening experience with another great old-time classic "Over The Waves."  How cool!  Recorded at the Erinwood Studios, Steve is joined by Gerald Companion on guitar; Brian Emon on bass; Archery Hatchey on keyboard; and Sal Norguera on drums, all very accomplished old-time music makers.  I got this CD from Michael T Wall for review, and it's a delight to listen to this great music.  I'm going to forward it to the Rural Roots Music Commission, but I doubt they will take it under consideration for their CD of the year awards, there is no way to communicate with Squeezin' Steve, no address, no telephone number, no e-mail, so that makes for a difficult consideration, still I wish there was a way to communicate with Squeezin' Steve, I know I would have main stage time for him IF there was a way to communicate, and IF the Rural Roots folks picks his CD for any of their awards.
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