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CD Review: ALLYN ANDERSON - Planet Anderson

Planet Anderson
Solitary Life - The Planet Anderson - Candlelight - Jesus Our Savior - Distracted - Gift of Grace - Daddy's Delight - Damn That Bottle - Jesus Is Always There - Gift From Joe - Pillow by My Side - The Nativity - Get Behind Me Satan - Get Excited
Allyn Anderson is a kind of country folk singer songwriter.  This particular work is him and his acoustic guitar.  Allyn has a very gifted voice, easy to listen to and easy to understand.  He writes a lot here about his relationship with Jesus Christ, the savior of all of us who give our souls to him without regard or regret.  Allyn makes that point more than satisfactorily.  Belief is all it takes in a relationship with Christ, and Allyn makes that pointedly clear as well. His gentle voice tells us about Jesus.  All of the songs are originals by Allyn, one in particular I like is "The Planet Anderson" in which he reveals how he was brought up in the Lutheran church, how to be a good Christian, and make it well known what a Christian is.  Along with his very gifted voice, Allyn is a very accomplished acoustic guitarist.  Because our old-time music festival is acoustic and open to all kinds of musical genres, country, bluegrass, ragtime, even folk music, Allyn 'fits in' really well way.  He's always a very gracious participant, and helps us in many of our needs.  We especially appreciate his songs and music, much like we hear it on this CD.  According to his own liner notes, this CD project of 14 original songs is dedicated to his loving parents Mel and Lois Anderson, the Fulton Lutheran Church for giving him a strong faith foundation, his brother Gary, his sisters Sandy and Sharon for putting up with him, and his loving wife Eileen for all her support and being his number one fan, all of them from the planet Anderson.  I especially like Allyn's original songs about his relationship with Jesus.  We live in a very unusual time on planet earth.  There are so many strange things happening on our bigger planet, so much violence, harsh words, a loss of morals in America, demands from minorities that we've never had to deal with before, and certainly a harsh unhealthy atmosphere without Jesus.  Allyn brings all of this into focus, and it is a good spiritual lesson for all of us, especially those that are true Jesus fans and souls.  Allyn makes it all easier to understand, his words speak truthfully, the only way one can be in cadence with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Terrific job Allyn, keep it up, share whenever and wherever you find the opportunity.  The opportunity isn't always what we expect, but knowing the road you are on, it is the Lord Jesus Christ who will guide you on this wonderful journey. Off this beautiful acoustic musical CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Thank you Allyn for making a Saturday my Sunday.
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