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Craig Campbell's Keepin' It Country

Craig Campbell's Keepin' It Country

My husband and I were lucky to meet Craig Campbell a little over 10 years ago while on vacation in Nashville when we walked into "The Second Fiddle"; a venerable Nashville Honky Tonk.  Once we heard him sing and play we knew immediately he had that special talent. The kind that is destined for stardom.
 As it turned out, not only was Craig incredibly talented, but is also one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Craig came and sat with us at the bar to see if we were enjoying ourselves and visited with us for a long time that evening. We exchanged email, etc. and have been friends ever since.
 We were at Craig's concert at "The Rock N Country Fest" in Winfield, KS on June 4th. Craig hit the stage with "Play Something Country" and a few more high energy songs to get the crowd pumped up...then "Family Man" a wonderful song with a great message.
 Next was his piano bar segment, which is a favorite of mine. Craig is great on the keys!!! We had the pleasure of sitting with Craig at the piano bar at this show!! He started the segment with a medley of songs: "The Dance", "Let It Go", "All Of Me", "Steal My Girl" and ending the segment with "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink"...where we got to drink a little butterscotch moonshine with him!! It was a blast!!! His powerful voice electrified the crowd.

After that Craig sang his beautiful NEW single "Outskirts Of Heaven", "Shindig" and more including his always crowd pleasing "Fish"!!! It was a great show! Craig made a lot of new fans that night for sure!!!

If you haven't been to a Craig Campbell concert you really must go and see him live! Add it to your bucket list!!!

On a more personal note, Craig is a true "Family Man" to his beautiful & talented wife Mindy & daughters Preslee & Kinni Rose. He appreciates ALL of his fans and sticks around after his shows to meet each & every one of them that want to meet him. A true Southern gentleman!!

I highly recommend getting both of Craig's Cd's "Craig Campbell" & "Never Regret"!! Some of my favorite songs are album cuts.

And last but not least...Please request "Outskirts Of Heaven" at your local radio stations!! This song deserves to be #1!!!

Kay Cook for Country Music News International
Photo credit: Paola Thornburgh

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