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CD: TERRY ROBBINS Long Live The Fiddle & Steel


Long Live The Fiddle & Steel
Long Live the Fiddle and Steel - Gettin' Taller - I Never Thought Losing Her Would Hurt So Bad - Just Gettrin' Over you - I Love Ayou More Than I Love Bacon - On The Morning - Scratchin' Feels Good - That's Why I'm Not Crying Over You - Unobstructed View - On The Days That End in "Y" - When I'm Holding You - A Thousand Miles Away From You
Terry Robbins is an Alabama boy.  You know that country music paradise Hank Williams, Sr. came from.  And guess what, Terry Robbins is bringing the traditional country music sound back....BIG TIME!  The first track is a 'wonder' in today's world of phony country music.  This is the 'real deal' and 'real deal' it really is.  Robbins is the songwriter as well, on all these tracks, and the steel guitar and the fiddle are predominant throughout.  You'll hear a little Buck Owens in Terry's voice, but he's still his own man, and this CD will no doubt create a 'wave' of interest among the traditional and classic music lovers, that will even seep past the city limits of Nashville, much to their embarrassment.  Exactly what this CD is supposed to do.  I loved track one, but track two is just as good, give it a little Cajun twist but keep it traditional, and you know what I mean.  The whole CD is plumb full of some incredibly good legitimate 'country' music songs.  Winning and losing love is paramount in Terry's writings. Tracks 3-4-5 heads in this direction. ALL of Terry Robbins songs are extremely good 'real' country music songs. He writes from the perspective of a 'country' boy.  Someone who has probably spent a little time behind a mule plowing somewhere. That's how Hank described 'writing' country music.  You had to 'know' what you are writing about, especially if you want to impress 'country' folks.  That's what Terry Robbins does throughout this entire CD.  Bruce Hoffman is the musician that plays both steel and fiddle, and he's a marvel.  He knows exactly what goes where in both cases. Add Bryan Carter on acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, and you can see this is a full-blown studio produced project with all the elements needed to 'create' a beautiful, very real, traditional country music album, a 'real' country music album. I'm sending this CD along to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their appraisal for a 'CD of the Year' award, and I already know what they are going to say.  If things go the way I think, this might be a 'prime' opportunity to save some space on the Fremont Festival for Terry Robbins from Alabama.  We'll be needing a steel and a fiddle of course, well wish me luck in finding what we need. Congratulations Terry Robbins.
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