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CD: Half Way To Texas

Half Way To Texas
Same Old Solution - Thinking About Changing My Mind - You Must Be An Angel - How Long - Crossroads - She Never Got Me Over You - Halfway To Texas - Love Without End - Get On With Movin' On - Blue Must Be The Color Of The Blues
WOW, some of the music coming from our upper Midwest young artists is absolutely astonishing.  This young guy, Tommy Buller, who makes his home in Nashville, is directly from our area around Omaha, Nebraska  He went to Nashville with a dream in his heart quite a few years ago, and at last he's got a CD out that is stunningly good.  Hey, Vince Gill is singing on this incredible work of art , how can it possibly not be good.  With music written, not only by Buller himself, but in cahoots with another upper Midwesterner, Bart Hansen. Tommy Buller is composer or co-composer on no less then four of these great songs.  The other original songs are the works of Keith Whitley, Hank Cochran, George Jones, and A J Yuill.  (Could this possibly be Tony Yuill, another young friend of mine from Illinois?).  Tommy Buller has managed to keep 'country' in his voice, he's very much like a young Hank Williams without the nasal, but with all the soul.  What's nice about this album, the music is also STILL real country without hurting anything on the charts today, except be better than it.  Tommy Buller has never been too good at walking no line.  He's very distinctive, very soul inspired, very incredibly listenable to everything he's recorded on this album.  "How Long" reflects the incredible 'blues' style Tommy is so very good at playing, and STILL his voice contains that absolutely beautiful rural music that is becoming the only real country music left in America today.  Throughout this project Tommy plays acoustic guitar and sings all the lead vocals (with a little help from Vince Gill of course).  Mike Fried is on steel, 12-string, and Dobro  (excellent musician).  Rande Hall is on bass guitar.  Lillie Mae Rische is on fiddle, and Brad and Amy Buller help on the vocals. Tommy Buller and his son Brad were just the major attraction at one of the upper Midwest's authentic country music festivals in Wahoo, Nebraska.  "Halfway To Texas" composed by Buller and John Northrope, is a fine piece of work. The sentimentality of Tommy's voice is a sure sign of 'living' the song.  No wonder it is the 'name' of this album.  It is full of love and lost love, country music's reality.  Well, country music of the past coming from the great plains and prairie lands, not the country music of today or the concrete canyons of New York City.  Tommy Buller is much too country to have much to do with the imitation country we are forced to listen to simply because some record company president doesn't know what the word 'rural' even means.  I'm turning my so-called country radio station off.  I'm just going to listen to Tommy Buller until I get totally full of the real-deal.  Young son Brad Buller is following in dad's footsteps on "Love Without End." This boy is not very old, around ten or so, but he's already 'feeling' what real rural music is all about.  It's about honesty, it's about reality, it's about love, it's about love lost, it's about soul, it's about life in the country, it's about eternity.  All of this is in this CD by Tommy Buller.  PLEASE you record company president, wherever you are, whoever you are, let this 'real' country guy get a chance to do something for you.  Let him get the best studio engineers available to SHOW you what real country music is.  Let him be your next star!  I already know what the Rural Roots Music Commission is going to say about this wonderful piece of work.  Stay tuned, stay connected to the real deal.
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