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CD: DON JOY & MELANIE LYNN A Tribute to Wade Jackson

A Tribute to Wade Jackson
Take Me With You - Please Be Mine - Don't Be Angry - I'll Take You Back - Dying Laughing - Daddy's Baby Girl - Wild Wild Wind - Grand Old Opry In Heaven - Red Roses Blooming Back Home - Room #10
Whew, traditional and classic country is on my menu today, thank you.  Don Joy and Melanie Lynn are true country artists from Missouri.  They have been cutting a wide swath across the upper Midwest, performing wherever their music road takes them, including the recording studios in Nashville where they developed this incredibly good album of songs written by Wade Jackson.  If you don't know, Wade is the older brother of Stonewall Jackson, and is the composer of the incredibly popular song "Don't Be Angry," a song I've heard many many times throughout the upper Midwest, and certainly by this very talented duo, Don & Melanie.  The best studio, the best studio musicians the best engineering make this an incredible listenable CD.  Right on track both vocally and instrumentally.  Wade Jackson is a legendary 'real' country music composer.  He is scheduled to join Don Joy and Melanie Lynn for induction into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, Aug. 29-Sept 4 in Le Mars, Iowa, 2016.  Hosted by the National Traditional Country Music Association, the Hall of Fame is located in the Pioneer Music Museum in Anita, Iowa. The trio will be joined by over 400 other musicians in the seven day event, performing for thousands of fans of 'real' country music. Listening to Wade Jackson original songs by a delightful duo is a 'real' country music pleasure.  There's lots of 'real' country artists in the rural areas of America today who will have nothing to do with the so-called country sound heard on the top-40 charts, which should be properly named 'pop' since there is so little 'real' country music in it.  Don and Melanie were some of the highlighted talent appearing on the recent 19th Annual Wahoo Country Music Show in Wahoo, Nebraska, where Hank Williams Sr., did a concert in the high school auditorium in 1951.  Don & Joy takes us back to that 1951 style of country music, the most soulful and tearfully sincere music we've ever had in America. It is such a pleasure to listen to the works of sincere artists performing the music they love, adore, and revive.  Even the old Red Sovine style of talk-music is on this one in "Daddy's Baby Girl."  It is so creative and credible.  Don Joy does a marvelous job 'telling the story,' just as Wade Jackson would like it.  Lynn takes the reins of lead vocalist on "Grand Ole Opry In Heaven," a great story about the Opry stars that are already up in heaven, and so few yet remain for us below here on planet earth.  Don closes the album with a great version of "Room #10" which has a touch of the Bill Anderson style.  Great country music coming to us from Missouri, keep it up Don and Lynn.  This album will of course go directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their appraisal.
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