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CD: ALLEN KARL - Songs From My Heart

Songs From My Heart
This Century II record release is so new, I don't even have the names of the songs Allen Karl has recorded.  I also suspect this is a project that is on line for immediate release, however the 'finals' are not entirely done yet.  I was impressed that Allen would forward this project to me, unfinished.  Yet, I know he respects my opinion on recorded music, especially music called 'country music.'  He's been a regular attendee at our festival in LeMars, Iowa, the full week before Labor Day, now in its 41st year.  Number one, Allen Karl is a handsome man, and number two he's a number one vocalist.  Originally from Maryland, this part Native American, is pure and simple a remarkable 'true' country artist.  There are a number of songs on this release I really like.  "I Get So Lonesome" is a remarkably well written song, and fits Allen's voice to a tee.  I could almost 'guess' at the names of some of the songs on this album, "Nobody Wins" is I'm sure the first track, and then there's "Saturday Night" that really takes a step back in time with all the elements that made that kind of 'dancing' country music so remarkable.  Good musicians throughout, even a harmonica player that sounds an awful lot like the harmonica player on Donna Cunningham's exquisite CD.  This couple work a lot together, and both have attended our festival in LeMars repeatedly.  They each have a very distinctive voice, and when they sing together it's a remarkable experience.  This CD has many of the ingredients that Allen has in his previous works.  All of them good.  "Good" brings me to another song I think I can provide a name for "The Good Old Days Are Gone."  It's a remarkable story song about what we have today compared to what we had in the past.  Everybody has their own 'remembrances' of the past, mine is especially locked in elements that made country music so popular with rural America.  Much of that appears on this CD of Allen Karls.  After a rousing rendition of the good old days, a song so sincere and so remarkable well done with a sincere voice comes our way. This is a perfect place for it, because of it's love and romance and sincere vocalization.  This CD is off to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their listen.  It's not too late to apply for "CD of the Year" status, the only thing they will be missing is the names of the songs.  I think they can live with that.  Look out Europe, here comes another great album by Allen Karl.
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