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ELAINE PEACOCK - Happiness Health & Heaven, Songs of Dennis Morgan

 Happiness Health & Heaven, Songs of Dennis Morgan
Happiness Health and Heaven - In Times Like These - I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool - Love Is Fair - I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World - Missin' You - Sweet Jesus - I've Got Faith - Nobody - Years - With Just One Look - He Set My Life To Music
Who doesn't remember "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool?"  Barbara Mandrell?  All of these songs that Elaine Peacock recorded were written by Dennis Morgan.  Elaine's voice is perfectly suited to the songs that Dennis writes.  She has the 'feeling' right where it needs to be, and she is also very easy to listen to as well as understand. Dennis was born in Minnesota, and is a well known songwriter and music publisher, perhaps best known for writing songs for Barbara Mandrell, Aretha Franklin, Faith Hill, even Eric Clapton.  He has also published hit songs by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.  Another of the songs he wrote for Barbara Mandrell was "Sleeping Single In A Double Bed," which went to number one in 1978.  Dennis was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2004. One of the ways he gets his songs to super-star status is to provide a demo that not only sounds good, it feels good. That's what Elaine Peacock does with this list of fabulous songs.  Perhaps they are not all 'country' style songs, however that is in the eye of the beholder, or perhaps the ear of the listener, because any of these songs could be done in a very nice traditional or classic country style.  What's also neat about this particular CD is the addition of Elaine's husband, Paul, on several of the tracks.  Makes for an all-around pleasant listening experience.  Elaine is very active in country music in South Dakota, including a terrific festival she hosts called the '12th Annual American Heritage Music Festival at the Jefferson School Gym in Elk Point, South Dakota."  And through this she manages to bring to Southeast South Dakota a remarkable music event that espouses a musical genre not available at the national level anymore.  I'm sure she will be singing some of these songs that Dennis Morgan wrote.  Her voice is impeccably suited to his writing.  He made the trip from Nashville to Elk Point to record this particular project, the sixth one he has done with Elaine.  It's a remarkable listening experience and should be in the 'soft side' of country music in anybody's library of good music.  I am going to make the inquiries needed to attempt to bring Dennis to LeMars for Hall of Fame honors for his tremendous writing abilities.  Good CD Elaine, it too will go to the Rural Roots Music Commission, for their own 'soft side' of country music observations.
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