Eileen Carey Continues to Rack-up Nominations and Awards

Eileen Carey Continues to Rack-up Nominations and Awards

(Songstress looking forward to greeting her fans at the Tootsies Table at the Nissan Center during the CMA Fest, June 9-12).

This past week Eileen Carey, the recent New Music Weekly Country Break Artist of the Year, has been once again nominated for a music award. This time by NationalRadioHits.com a new chart award, an off-shoot of Gary Hendrix’s Independentmusicnetwork.com out of West Hollywood, California.

“This one took us by surprise;” said Carey. “Many of the nominations I have received were hoped for by us, based on the commercial success of my last two releases, but we were not even aware of this award. Thrilled just the same though.”

Eileen Carey’s last two albums, Movin On and Let It Go, have attained the songstress huge accolades by the fans, blogger and the Country Music industry. She has, in fact, been nominated for 14 awards, while taking home five. And her last four releases to radio all went Top 10, two of them to #1 on all the NMW Country Charts. Below you can see the details of this new California based chart,” and the Vote!

“We are thrilled that have announced our first National Radio Hits Artist Awards nominees. The official announcement was made on our You Tube channel. Zayn & DNCE are among major label artist nominees in the Top40 category while artists Mirage Box and Airy Jeanine among others were singled out in the independent arena. The AC40 category found Twenty One Pilots & Lukas Graham pulling in nods while independent artists from Jimmy White, Brandy Moss Scott & Dianne Meinke among others, made the list. In the Country category, Chris Stapleton & Cole Swindel are among the top nominees with artists Joey Canyon, Chuck Murphy and Eileen Carey pulling nominations from the Indie arena. In the Christian category Stars Go Dim, Danny Gokey & Casting Crowns are among the major artists with newcomers Franklyn McKay, Marsha Jewell & Buck McCoy among indie contenders. The Crossover category highlighted John Ratliff among the list and video nods went to Thadeus Project & other leading independents. At the end of the You Tube broadcast Prince was memorialized for his major contribution to the music industry. National Radio Hits will present a Mid-Way report on June 1st via a You Tube Broadcast where we will reveal how the votes are coming along. Votes for all nominated charted artists on the NRH website will have an impact on the final outcome.

The final list of winners will be announced on June 22nd 2016 on the National Radio Hits You Tube channel at 6:00 PM (PST). Artists and labels interested in contacting National Radio Hits for information and advertising may email: info@nationalradiohits.com The You Tube Broadcast of the nominations can be viewed now by going to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlLdmlAbw1w

Award page comment: May 11, 2016 at 9:08 am  “Country has a lot of good contenders like Chuck Murphy, Joey Canyon and Eileen Carey. I really hope Eileen wins her category because I am getting just a little tired of Carrie Underwood at all these award shows. Take a break Carrie.” Dianne Dixon, Nashville, TN.

Also, Eileen is going to be at the Tootsies booth in the CMA Festival at the Nissan Stadium all week long (June 9-June11), when Nashville celebrates its country music fame in full blossom! She is also playing two consecutive shows, Friday & Saturday between 3-4pm, at the famed Rippy’s in downtown Nashville. More Information on that next week.

Anyway, want to vote for Eileen Carey? Go to www.nationalradiohits.com/charts/country/   scroll to Eileen's chart position with Bring on the big and vote! Want to know more https://nationalradiohits.com/artist-award-nominees-announced/#comment-798

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