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CD: A. P. MAURO - Rainmakers

You're A Rainmaker - She Dances With My Heart - These Chains - Lonesome Highways - Two By Two - Urban Outlaw
This is not a 'country' album, or a review of a country album.  It's rock and roll, and quite frankly, after some consideration, it could be called 'country' by today's qualifications.  His voice is way too far down in the mix to be really understandable, but it is a very interesting collection of original songs.  I appreciate the thoughts and incredible dedication and hard work each and every original song must have, to become even slightly known.  They are all like 'children' and they will never ever not be a part of the one who created them.  In the music world, lots of children are stolen away.  Someone else either takes the entire creation, calling it their own, or the composer is cheated out of his creation by an unscrupulous publishing company or recording company.  A. P. Mauro, however has his very valid stamp on these five songs, and what he is writing about is 'today.'  I can see no relationship the record label, Lamon Records, has placed in their description of what Mr. Mauro is writing, calling it Country-Americana.  Country-Rock yes, but even Americana can not take this fledgling work as their own.  Even 'country' as the descriptive term for a musical genre today, is so far removed, that as Blake Shelton called me an old fart and jackass because I don't buy his records because it isn't 'country' enough.  I leave this as it's own statement.  Fiddles, steel guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos, and like minded instruments created a musical genre called country.  That does not exist in the so-called 'country' music of today, so therefore how can it be called the same name.  Mostly this is a theft experience.  Mr. Mauro however, is his own man, writing songs that reflect his views on the world today, especially politics.  "You're A Rainmaker" is a cynical commentary about politicians and presidential candidates.  When pressed to name names, the elusive Mr. Mauro said, "I think songs touch us in personal ways and some are best left to our own imagination.  A song is special when we can relate to it, and that's what's important."  I definitely agree, however in that first song I see both Clinton and Trump.  Wow, how the times have changed.  Sony is distributing this well done production.  I'll leave it to the more knowable of those in rock and protest music to make the final judgements.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - President, NTCMA - www.ntcma.net
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