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CD: THE KNIGHT FAMILY - The Bluegrass-Gospel Album

The Bluegrass-Gospel Album
Hallelujah Kinda Day - It Is Better Farther On - Are You Afraid To Die - Lead Someone To You - Vision of Jacob's Ladder - Lord Bless Me On - Before I Wake - Thank God For The Lillies - There's A Bright Star Somewhere - Dying
To Meet You
This incredible bluegrass-gospel family band from Fall Branch, Tennessee, was awarded the "Vintage Gospel CD of the Year" last year at LeMars, Iowa, for their CD "Armed & Ready."  This new CD is a remarkable re-invention of their incredible gift of music.  This family has devoted their energies and abilities to the Lord Jesus Christ in all they do. The second song on this one "It Is Better Farther On" is one of those close-harmony songs that only families can do, and in this case acapella, meaning without musical instruments.  They play the 'normal' instruments of bluegrass music, but their gospel music really excels on this very likable CD.   They also offer several other acapella numbers, "Vision Of Jacob's Ladder" another remarkable presentation of true faith and a sincere dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you like 'bluegrass' music you will love the Knight Family.  The banjo does not however, take center stage constantly as much of bluegrass does portray.  Rather it is a very nice complimentary musical instrument presentation, a combination that works very well for this wonderful family that is keeping alive the very 'heart' of gospel music.  This down-home honest and sincere music, is truly enjoyable to not only listen to, but to obviously know they too, are also enjoying creating this wonderful music very much.  This CD of course is going to the Rural Roots Music Commission.   I know they have not received any other applications from any other group that would qualify as 'vintage gospel,' so my hopes are high for the Knight Family.  You will enjoy, as I do, the many variations of the music instruments they play.  Fiddle, banjo, Dobro, mandolin, guitar, acoustic bass (the tempo and acoustic sound here is explicit and sounds wonderful). Recorded in Knoxville and Bristol, Tennessee, it is a special adventure to return to Bristol, the home of the big-bang of country music, where Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family made their first recordings in this same town.  Much congratulations to the Knight Family, of Tennessee, for a wonderful job well done on this truly inspiring gospel CD. 
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