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CD: JOHN REX REEVES - Classic Country Gold

Classic Country Gold
Heartache Following Me - Born To Lose - California Blue - I Cried A Tear - It's Nothing To Me - Just Call Me Lonesome From Now On - I'm Sending You A Big Bouquet of Roses - Lost Highway - Take My Hand Precious Lord - Where Do I Go From Here - Would You Catch A Falling Star
I've had the wonderful opportunity to not only listen to the terrific vocals of John Rex Reeves, but also traveling with him on tour with my wife Sheila, opening for him with some old-time country, and then John Rex would come on and knock the audience out with some gifted beautiful 'romantic' country music.  John Rex was not just the nephew of Jim Reeves.  John was a close friend, a pal.  They had a very special relationship.  They chummed together, they played golf together, they traveled together.  All of that led John Rex to sing some of his Uncle Jim's songs after Jim passed away.  What he discovered was that his own voice was very much like his Uncle Jim.  Therefore he set out to pay tribute to his uncle and his friend.  This eventually led John to explore his own abilities as a country vocalist after recording a number of tribute albums to his Uncle Jim Reeves.  This newest album is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate his own voice as himself.  He has an opening song dedicated to his uncle, I doubt that will ever change, but here is an album of John Rex Reeves like we've never heard him before.  Recorded in Nashville, it's loaded with some super songs, done in his own inimitable style.  I couldn't wait to let my wife Sheila listen to song number 3 "California Blue.'  This is really something, our favorite song on this album.  This song was written by Roy Orbinson, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne, participants in the 'Traveling Willbury's' who also had George Harrison and Bob Dylan in their band.  It amazes us how well John does this song.  It's a departure from his total dedication to Uncle Jim, but what a pleasant departure it is.  We get to hear John Rex Reeves doing a really good album of what country music should sound like today, but doesn't.  John Rex is a torch bearer, and even though his 'real' voice is much like Jim Reeves, it's stands on it's own on this album.  What a treat, to hear a vocalist doing what he does best, singing and being himself.  This is a remarkable piece of musical work recorded in Nashville, using some musicians who obviously like what they were playing.  As a musician, I sometimes refer to myself as that, I can immediately recognize another musician who is really enjoying what they are doing.  That's when the 'magic' comes around, the same 'magic' that is so missing in today's country music called country.  You'll find it hear.  Keep up the good work John Rex Reeves, keep appearing on Midwest Country Television Show, and keep on recording this great kind of John Rex Reeves music. This CD goes immediately to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their listen, and a possible nod for a "CD of the Year" from their selection process this year.
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