Monday, April 4, 2016

Queen of Hikosso music reigns supreme...

Queen of Hikosso music reigns supreme...Floxy Bee

Floxy Bee, is immensely talented & passionate about her roots to Nigerian culture. She cherishes & embraces her African heritage.In various areas of Africa, she is an embodiment of Mariam Makeba's style of ethnic music.
Bee embraces Nigeria's native attire wherever she goes. She performs Hikosso music, which translates into a melting pot of several African genres of music. When on stage, she sings in Yoruba dialect, one of Nigeria's major ethnic languages. Combine the eclectic rhythm of percussion, 'bata', congo drums , 'gan-gan' & other African music instruments supplying true Nigerian melody to her stage choreography & you will experience nothing but 'magic'. Thousands of International fans agree, as Floxy Bee is respected & adored all over the world. Stay tuned for her global radio release entitled:

"Gbangba Lasata".

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