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Parton sings Parton – a Sisters Tribute 2016 UK Tour

Parton sings Parton – a Sisters Tribute 2016 UK Tour

Described: This wonderful show brings the story of growing up in East Tennessee, the music and laughter as experienced by the PARTON family. The show stars Hit Recording Singer/Songwriter and Actress STELLA PARTON, sister of International Super Star DOLLY PARTON.

STELLA will take us back to her roots via audio/visual, with stories of her and Dolly growing up in Tennessee. Performing with her band all her own hits, which include, “Danger Of A Stranger”, “I Want To Hold You In My Arms Tonight”,” Standard Lie Number One” and “Undercover Lovers” to name just a few, plus many of Dolly’s hits, also songs written by other members of the PARTON family.
It didn’t disappoint with an introduction to the show made by Dolly herself via an audio play on (which was a nice touch).

The band started to play the opening number “ Mountain Songbird” the Title Track to Stella’s latest Album and Stella walked on to a rapturous applause. Following on from the opening song and wonderful monologue given by Stella came a few of Dolly’s Hits which Stella portrayed in her own arrangements, performing songs such as “Good ole days”, “Jolene” “Bargain Store” and “Coat of many colours” the latter also being the US Movie Stella had just starred in and consulted on playing the role of Corla Bass.
I’m not sure Stella knew what to make of the audience in the first half as they seemed a little reserved, but I genuinely think that the auditorium were intent on listening and appreciating each song and story Stella projected, the concert was very intimate and personal and the crowd in the most were very mature. If there were any doubts on the audiences participation they were certainly banished in the second half, as Stella made the stage her own with more Dolly songs but much more of her own work which she seemed to enjoy performing to us, showing us what great work she has produced and had success with over the years, the theatre responded with affection and volume. 
At times it could have been Dolly up on stage as the Family Tone came out in certain words and lines during the performance which was really nice to hear, Stella has the family Comedy Lines down to a tee too with quotes such as “is it hard filling Dolly’s Shoe’s” Stella replies “its not her shoes I find hard filling”. The Band were very professional and UK based which Stella labelled “The Angels” the Lead guitarist came to the front of stage towards the end of the show to perform duets including “Islands in the Stream” and Stella’s own hit “Legs” which was very popular among the Country Fans. 

This was a fulfilling show that does exactly what is says on the tin! If Dolly catches the show she will be proud of her little sister! 

Reviewer – Andy Crust Performer and TV Presenter for Country Music News International

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