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Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist April 13. 2016

Country Music News International Radio Show 

Playlist April 13. 2016

1 Zane Run-Glad God led me here
2 Garth Broks-Mutch to young (To feel this damn old)
3 DNA & the cellarboys-On the road
4 J.Tex-What a bummer
5 TJ Loenard-Theres no doubt
6 The Nothern Cowboys-Good old times
7 Bibbi & Snif-You ain't woman enough to thak my man
8 KjellKallestad-Dancin on the moon
9 Cowboy Troy-Square dance boogie
10 Cowboy Troy Interwiev by Christian Lamitschka
11 Cowboy Troy- Countdown to vacation
12 Cowboy Troy-Liquor with the locals
13 Big & Rich- That's why i pray
14 Canaan James-Out past the country lines
15 Nina Flaaseth- Calling all Heroes
16 James Carothers-Honky tonk land
17 Doctor Django and his nurses-Route 66
18 Dustin Sonnier-Whiskey makes her miss me
19 Tyler Farr-Better in Boots
20 Brad Paisley-I can't change the world
21 Alex O & Co-You are trouble
22 Miranda Lambert,Time Jumpers- All that's left
23 Steve Griggs Band-Lord I should hae known better
24 Ivan Johnsen-The Star of Bakersfield
25 Hank Williams JR.-If good lord's willin'
26 Doug Kershaw-That's what hurts the most
27 Laura van den Elzen & Jambalaya band-Country Love
28 Gary Quinn-He don't show her anymore
29 Nashville caST-iF I DIDN'T KNOW BETTER
30 All my exes-Me and My boys

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