Monday, April 18, 2016

CD: WAY OUT WEST - Down On The Ol' Bar None

Down On The Ol' Bar None
Who's Your Sidekick - Liquid Mountain - Chicletisa/Clown Car Polka - Arizona April - Cowgirl Coffee - Viva Chihuahua - Arizona Moon - Homes, Homes On The Range - Adios to the Cowboy - Streetwrestler's Thinkin' - Hindsight - Pancho Villa Slept Here - Down On The Ol' Bar None - Homes, Homes Reprise
Wow, what a nice surprise, old-style cowboy-western music with original new songs, many of them written by Tom Poley, I'm sure.  One photo shows the rest of 'Way Out West' band as Slim Rost, Emmy Creigh, and Kevin Schramn.  BUT, the session list of participating musicians is a whole big bunch of incredibly gifted cowboy and western music makers. Earl Edmondson on harmonica; Chip Curry on mandolin; Stefan George on lap steel; Don Johnson on fiddle (This guy is really good); Rich Brennion on pedal steel; Ralph Gilmore on drums; Gilbert Brown on gut string guitar; and Evan Hubbard on wood body clarinet.  Kevin Schramn on big box accordion and dobro.  Band members Tom Poleuy plays banjo, mandolin, and guitar, Emmy Creigh plays guitar, and Slim Rost plays acoustic bass.  Of course lots of great vocals come from lots of different folks.  This is like taking a very pleasant trip back in time to listen to some gifted artists who make their home in Tucson, Arizona, one of our favorite places to spend a few days on the west side, over the mountains, at a little local park called Gibert Ray.  All of these original songs make reference to the beauty of the desert, and the many different places to visit, like Tortilla Flats, or Superstition Mountain, the Grand Canyon, Cochise Stronghold, the Dragoon Mountains, the Sonoran Desert, Chihuahua in Mexico,  El Paso, Las Cruces, well OK, you are getting the idea of what these folks are writing about, singing about, recording about.  Super good interpretations throughout.  Word descriptions couldn't be better. They have a 'name' for their music, 'bordergrass' along with western classics and cowboy poetry. I can speak and understand a little Spanish, so I enjoyed 'Viva Chihuahua' the only song on this CD that was not an original.  A super nice and easy CD to listen to and completely enjoy a number of times.  Good travelogue as well as a terrific history lesson, and a super entertaining musical group to listen to.  They travel and perform throughout the Arizona area, watch for them.
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