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A Star in the making....Danielle Morgan.

A Star in the making....Danielle Morgan.

Originally from the UK, singer/songwriter/musician Danielle Morgan, currently resides in Dubai. Morgan's music is diverse in topic & eclectic in mood. She writes about her daily life experiences & fans can relate.
Her vocals are exquisite & her sound is compelling, uniquely her own. She began honing her skills at the age of 14 & it was her path to enter the world famous BRIT School in London, England.
Morgan has composed over 50 original works to date. She is working closely with highly credited LA producer Real Jon Smith. In the past 18 months, her focus has been on performance,
collaborating with other songwriters & recording her latest music tracks. On stage, Morgan is at her best & is absolutely mesmerizing. Her fans agree.

What's upcoming for this talented young lady? Within the next two months, she will be recording at the Abbey Road Studio in London. Her PR team DCE International ( having promoted Emmy & Grammy winners ) is set to launch her
latest release "No Trace of You" to the global media markets. Her first EP is set to be released this May. Live show dates in Ireland & the UK are scheduled for June & July. All under the
watchful eye of John Merrigan, her personal manager. Stay tuned for more!

Visit her here: https://www.facebook.com/DanielleMorgan138/

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