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CD: Sara Evans - Slow Me Down

Sara Evans
Slow Me Down

Slow Me Down 3:16
Not Over You 3:52 (feat. Gavin DeGraw)
Put My Heart Down 3:16
Can't Stop Loving You 3:35 (Duet w/ Isaac Slade)
You Never Know 3:58
If I Run 3:31
Sweet Spot 3:01
Good Love Is Hard To Find 3:31
Better Off 4:00 (feat. Vince Gill)
Gotta Have You 3:24
Revival 4:03

It doesn't seem to matter what Sara Evans sings, or scat sings when she's in her “Sweet Spot”, we're all “Better Off” listening to Sara Evans sing. I assure you, Sara Evans, we are still in love with you thanks to “Suds In the Bucket” because we know how sweet audio “Good Love Is Hard to Find”. “If I Run” I'm running to WalMart or Target or Amazon.com to purchase “Slow Me Down”, the new Sara Evans cd. I swear, Sara Evans could sing the phone book and make it a #1 hit. Yes, Sara Evans, we “Gotta Have You” so THANK YOU for recording this cd. With proper promotion, Sara Evans could be Tammy Wynette X10 with her little sprinkling of Carrie Underwood and Reba sound. This 11 song collection is a must-add to any cd collection.

Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International

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