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CD: ROSE ALEXANDER - Open Up Your Heart

Open Up Your Heart
The Light of Jesus - You're The Wonder of My Life - He Had His Hand Upon Me - You Were There, Lord - No-One Will Ever Take Your Love From Me - Trust In Jesus - The Blood of the Lamb Set Me Free - Sacrifice at Calvary - Little Angel - He Heard Me, He Loved Me, He Cared - The Light of Jesus Reprise
Rose Alexander is a sweet woman born in Riverina, New South Wales, now living in Queensland, Australia. She has the sweet innocent voice of a very caring person.  The songs she writes falls into that same definition.  She wrote six of the songs on this album, her husband Victor contributed five of them.  They met in 1996, forming a duo performing country gospel music singing their own compositions.  Vic was a prison chaplain.  He died from cancer in 2000.  One of his last wishes was that he and Rose's songs might be recorded.  He asked his brother John if he would do that. This is a result of that amazing relationship.  Vic was constantly working with prisoners, during and after their terms in prison.  This is much like our own Mark Juhl from Remsen, Iowa, who consistently gives freely of his time and wealth supporting 'Damascus Road' a group devoted to helping prisoners during and after they get out of prison. Rose, who writes and sings with such a passionate innocence also has her own reasons for writing, singing, and recording gospel music.  All proceeds from this particular album goes to Project Hannah (Trans World Radio) reaching out to abused and discriminated women of the world through their radio show, "Women of Hope."  I really like this innocent approach to music dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ, and I appreciate so much the opportunity to hear a lovely lady singing this wonderful music from so far away as Australia.  I received this CD from Newfoundlander Michael T. Wall, who also likes the work of Rose Alexander.  John Sophios did a nice job in the studio, especially with the musicians, although I wish he would have brought Rose's voice a little more forward in the mid-range.  I miss some of her words, and I want to hear them all.  Lots of nice fiddle and harmonica on this session too, making it even a little old-timey in some spots.  Very nice contrast.  Rose has several albums out, so I'm sure this will not be the only one I get to review.  FOUR STARS for this very comforting down-home easy-listening album.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART  - President NTCMA - www.ntcma.net 
for Country Music News International Magazine

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