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CD: MIKE WOOTAN & MONTANA SWING - King of the Thieves

King of the Thieves
How Did Love Know - Give Me A Chance - Maria - King of the Thieves - Singing the Blues - Could Have Been Dancin' With Me - Til I Met You - Part of Me - If I Agreed With You - Man Who Would Be King - Forever - San Antonio Rose
I haven't had the pleasure of hearing Mike Wootan's recordings, and this one finished and released in 2012, is a remarkable CD full of 'love' songs in a traditional and classic country style, nine of the twelve songs written by Wootan.  This is 'swing' music, not necessarily 'Western' swing though Mike is a real cowboy from the Badlands of Montana.  Perhaps simply 'Country Swing would be more definitive.'  Definitely the music a cowboy would like to go on the dance floor and dance with a pretty girl.  Mike makes that point several times in different songs. He joins a kind of 'swing movement' that is taking place in America right now.  Modern country music doesn't have this 'feel' in any of it's releases anymore, but there's a strange kind of underground movement among that age group that wouldn't mind being a young cowboy dancing with a pretty girl. That is a result of music growing 'stale' in the commercial market.  Mike Wootan's music is a far cry from 'stale' it's as fresh as the daisy he'd give a pretty girl, it's as fresh as a breath of air taking in the beauty of a mountain top in Montana, it's as fresh as that pretty girl you'd like to take around the dance floor yourself.  It's romance, win or lose, that is so very well done with the ink pen and the smooth vocals of Mike.  Montana Swing, the band he is working with, also know what 'swing' really is, it's a dance tempo, and they never let us forget that in this inclusive CD. "King of the Thieves" is a Wootan original written in conjunction with Joanne Wootan, though we do not know what her relationship is to Mike.  Great song too!  Recorded at Pacific Studios in Tacoma, Washington, as well as Nashville, Tennessee, this is a substantial improvement to some of the music done in the style of "If I Agreed With You."  Modern country music would make that impressive song rock and roll.  Mike and his band keeps it right in that "Honky Tonk" vein that still makes it fun to dance with a pretty girl. I'm going to forward this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission to see if they agree with me that this is a super good 'country swing' CD.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - President NTCMA - www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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