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Back Home Again - Chug-A-Lug Another One - Could Be The Whiskey Talkin' - Electric Palm Jam - Guitar Pickin' Motorcycles Hungry Women - Liquid Hell - Me And My Sad Self - Mountain Man - Old Lovesick Fool - Riversong - The Day Hank Williams Died - The Holy River
It never ceases to amaze me how really good musicians will go the step further and record what's on their minds, whether it be a recently written song, or an instrumental lick they've been working on, or whatever.  This album by young James Adelsberger from Virginia is an instrumental, but quite different from a 'normal' instrumental, this one is special.  This young guy has a fascinating ability with music, not only with writing it, he wrote three originals on this release, and one together with Mike Johnson.  He also played all the musical instruments.  Except for some fiddle parts which were inserted by Michael Romans.  I'd hate to begin to try to identify all the instruments James used in the production of this very listenable CD.  This is a piece of music to play at a small party, or just to listen to while you're at home doing domestic chores.  Something for the patio or back porch when you want a little serenity and just plain easy listening music.  Mike Johnson is the producer of this album, and added nine of the original melodies.  These are the melody lines of vocal songs Mike has written in the past, however in the hands of James, it's a fun listen to some of those songs done instrumentally.  Mike and James worked closely together on production and engineering.  Super job well done throughout.  The CD was released on  'You and Me Records" which Mike Johnson created in 1987 for middle-of-the-road music as well as instrumentals, so here it is alive again with a super instrumental listening experience from a very gifted young man musician.  I have a couple of favorites on this release.  Jame's composition "Riversong" is exceptional, and Mike's composition "Me And My Sad Self" are both incredibly well written melodies.  Thanks for putting this out James and Mike, it's really fun to review records sometimes, especially when what I get to listen to the 'real deal' and it's absolutely totally entertaining.
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