Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kari Holmes Making Statement At Music Row

Kari Holmes Making Statement At Music Row

(Nashville, TN Feb 24, 2016) Kari Holmes is making a statement with her new single release to Music Row and Country Radio. "Something New" is sure to cause DJ's to take a second listen. Within just one month, it has already hit the Top 200 on Music Row.
Kari is a passionate singer-songwriter, entertainer, musician and national recording artist. In her words, "It's a way to express how I react to what life gives me...good and bad, and with that, I can reach out to others." She has been described as a cross between Shania Twain, not only for her looks, but for her talent and attitude as well, Taylor Swift for her young spirit and songwriting abilities, and Carrie Underwood for her big voice. Kari is the new sound of Country music while her voice crosses over into Blues. Kari Holmes is surely "Something New!"
"My life is like the ocean, always in motion," Holmes quoted. Music has been instilled in her since she was a child. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does and stays true to her bubbly, energetic, optimistic self.
Kari has performed for the past several years with her own band, The Modern Day Drifters. While she stands just over 5 feet, don't let that fool you. She is vivacious when she takes the stage! Kerry Adams, manager and co-writer of the new single and owner of Adams Audio Works, is thrilled for Kari and her new single.
"Something New" was released to Music Row and Country radio for adds January 18th and is being promoted by Power Source Music Nashville. Kari is currently on her radio tour promoting the single. Her Inspirational Country song, "More From Me," was released to Inspirational Country Radio this month.

8 Kommentare:

Sal G said...

God Bless xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kari, you are an amazing performer!

Anonymous said...

Kari is an up and coming country star. Give her a listen as well as follow the Modern Day Drifters.

William Shadrick said...

Wow! Love Kari Holmes! Her music is great and I crank it up everytime I hear her! #somethingnew

William Shadrick said...

Wow, looking good! Love Kari Holmes, I crank her music up everytime I hear her! #somethingnew

Samantha Fox said...

Kari is amazing!!

Bobby Craig said...

Congrats Kari, You are a very talented artist / young lady. Your future looks very very bright. ;)

Bob Thompson said...

You are a very gifted and talented singer Kari! I love listening to you and your band.

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