Thursday, February 25, 2016

CD: WILLI - I'm Here Now Despite Adverse Conditions

CD: WILLI - I'm Here Now Despite Adverse Conditions

Well after reviewing Willi's first album "The Journey", I was all set to hear once again a collection of 12 songs that basically had 3 or 4 songs out of the 12 that were fit for radio release, and of course the studio magic of famed producer Doc Holiday and his studio "A" team making the same type of songs different by way of brilliant production otherwise known in the industry as Doc Holiday's FM (fu#@ing Magic).
Well in short this new release  (WILLI, I'M HERE NOW, DESPITE ADVERSE CONDITIONS) set for worldwide release May of 2016 is a totally different story.
The material, the artist image, the arrangements and of course the production are all brilliant to say the lease and has finally launched this artist to the top of the playing field in the industry.
My favorite cuts??? Tough one because they are all killers!!!! BUT here's my picks
#1, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, It has a British feel to it with a slight touch of country swing and the production and vocal performance is unbelievable, TOP DRAWER FOR SURE
#2, I'LL GET TO IT, This is a duet with a living legend "Doug "The Ragin Cajun" Kershaw and Willi, and it is amazing how this artist (WILLI) can transform himself into a Cajun artist. Again a perfect production, I LOVED IT!!!
#3 SATURDAY NIGHT IN A SMALL TOWN, Home spun reality and Willi puts you right there on a Saturday Night in a small town, His vocal delivery is perfect for this song. Myself being raised in a small town knew exactly what he was talking about and it brought me back to those lost days of my youth. 5 STARS
#4 JUST GO,  I have only 3 things to say about this cut, PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!!! A great laid back song with a superb easy going production and a vocal performance that leans to the folk side, hit the bulls eye and it could not come at a better time in this album, a fabulous resting point. I listened to this one 5 times and never got tired of hearing it.
All in all, this is a great recording project that proves once in for all WILLI IS A PRIME TIME ARTIST!!!  

Reviewer "That Record Guy" Austin, Texas
CD title: I'm Here Now Despite Adverse Conditions
Artist: WILLI
Label: Mega International Records
Producer: Doc Holiday
Recorded At SONY Studios, Nashville, TN.

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