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CD: WALLY SANDERSON - Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories
Some Days Are Diamonds - Homestead Of Our Dreams - The Droving Days - Never Was At All - You're My Best Friend - Crystal Chandeliers - True Aussie Woman - Catching Scrubbers - Leave Him In The Longyard - Fire Of Gidge Coals - The Campdraft - There Goes My Everything - All I Have To Offer You Is Me - Three Rivers Hotel

Wally Sanderson came to America in 2015, especially to be inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  He is a most generous man with his talent and his music, sharing it with new-made friends and fans at the ceremonies where the inductions take place, LeMars, Iowa, at the 40th Annual National Old-Time Country/Bluegrass/Folk Music Festival.  From his list of songs on this remarkable CD you will find a couple of great American classics, "Crystal Chandeliers,"   "You're My Best Friend," and "There Goes My Everything."  They are done in the classic traditional country style, however Wally stands out best on his own songs of which he has five on this delightful listening experience.  Wally is directly from the rural-agricultural area of Australia, and raises cattle there, white-faced short horns I gather from the photo on this easy to listen to CD.  He also brings to the forefront words we might not be able to understand .  "Scrubbers,' 'longyard,' 'gidge,' and 'campdraft,' just a few to begin with, all of them appearing in the song titles.  Good productions deserve honor where honor is due, Peter Townson at Elevenpm Studios put this musical treat together for Wally, and though we don't know who the musicians are, they did a really nice job keeping everything intact and together throughout this musical presentation.  The lead guitarist is especially good, and knows how to interpret Wally's adventure in music.  Wally has a wonderful and truly 'country' voice to express the songs and stories he tells in songs.  One of my favorite songs on this album is "Never Was At All" written by another great Aussie songwriter, Norma O'Hara Murphy, who was also on the list to be at LeMars in 2015 but her own festival of great old-time country music in Australia became a direct conflict.  It's kind of fun for me to hear Wally Sanderson sing with that 'Aussie' accent.  It means one thing to me.  Country music is an international trend, especially the classic and traditional country music sound that has been so popular over the years.  I get so discouraged at those who do the contemporary country music sound, removing all trace of the fiddle and/or the steel guitar.  They continually accuse me of wanting to 'live in the past.'  That simply isn't true, and Wally Sanderson does a good job of bring the past alive in his stories and songs, and I can justly say "I have no desire to live in the past, but I do like to have the past live with me," and Wally is writing and singing these great 'real country' songs TODAY, not forty or fifty years ago.  Super good traditional work, this CD goes off to the Rural Roots Music Commission.
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