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CD: LUANNE HUNT - Songs From The Valley

Songs From The Valley
Bluer Than the Bluegrass - A Song For Healing - The Hosts of Christmas Past - If I Love You - Not A Day Goes By - The Last Of The Brave Ones - The Wandering Soul (Love Is The Answer)

Luanne Hunt makes her home in Hesperia, California.  She's a friend of Joni Morris who came to the largest and longest running old-time rural music festival in America (2016 dates, LeMars, Iowa, Aug 29-Sept 4) to collect a "CD of the Year" award from the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Joni told Luanne to submit her CD to me, and I'm glad she did. Here's a very down-to-earth lady singer who really 'feels' what she sings.  At first I wondered why she did the song "Bluer Than The Bluegrass" without a banjo, and then when you listen to the song, it's not about bluegrass at all.  It's about blue grass.  You know the grass that grows in Kentucky.  It's a really nicely written song too, and has already gained some prominence for Luanne.  I really like the way she used the fiddle in this session.  It added a very nice 'touch' to what many would call 'real' country music.  There's an interesting 'steel' sound too.  Also, she wrote three of the songs, and they are all nicely done. Luanne has already experienced the ups and downs of the 'door closed' music business.  This young lady has an exceptional voice, an incredibly nice way of recording, and certainly needs (and has earned) more exposure than she is currently getting.  Wake up California, this 'gem' is on your back door step.  One other thing I like about Luanne's music, she isn't 'pushing' anywhere, she doesn't need to.  I could put Luanne on the back patio, enjoy a lovely dinner with my wife, drink a couple of California wines, and listen quite pleased to Luanne Hunt.  What a pleasant experience that would be.  The total session, I'm assuming there were not musician changes, has a nice feel about it.  There's even a lovely flute sound in "The Last of the Brave Ones." Very nicely done.  This is another CD I shall pass along to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  When Joni Morris was at the festival where the ceremonies was held, she was on with Anita Bryant.  No telling who all will be there this year.
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