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CD: Jill Cohn - Heartstrings Touching Ground

Jill Cohn - Heartstrings Touching Ground

Meadow In The Sky 3:55
Missouri 3:37
Honey Dear 3:25
Dry Season 4:13
Until You Try 5:17
Just Leave 3:55
California Blue 3:51
Better Life 4:50
Til These Dreams Come True 2:32
Between God and You 5:46
Yellow Rose 4:35
Tough 3:06
Map 6:19
Me and Bobby McGee 6:06

Heartstrings Touching Ground, the new 14 song cd by Jill Cohn could easily be subtitled “Textures” or “Tapestry”. If this cd was a Persian rug it would easily sell for over $5000 U.S. With melodies steeped in Seattle coffee house folk, lyrics as caressing as the melodies, and Jill Cohn vocals making you think Joni Mitchell meets Emmylou Harris, put this cd in your player and let it repeat over and over again. Just like her live show, this Jill Cohn cd is easy listening, easy to talk over, and easily sneaks back into your consciousness every time your conscious mind settles down for a split second. Standout tracks include California Blue, Me and Bobby McGee, and Better Life. Next time I listen I'll probably pick three new standout tracks. Heartstrings Touching Ground is pure audio bliss from start to finish.

Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International Magazine

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