CD: Big & Rich – Gravity

Big & Rich – Gravity

Look At You 3:42
Lovin' Lately 3:38
Gravity 3:55
Brand New Buzz 3:22
Rollin' Along 3:06
Run Away With You 3:44
Lose a Little Sleep 3:49
Don't Wake Me Up 3:22
That Kind Of Town 3:45
Thank God For Pain 3:35
I Came To Git Down 3:54

Big & Rich have returned to country music radio and video with “Run Away With You” and their Hi-melody-low-harmony style of duet singing is as fun and catchy as ever. The 11 song cd “Gravity” is chock full of great duet singing, great guitar and drum work and great Nashville studio production. “Gravity” is a fun 11 song listen but I don't think it will bring Big & Rich legions of new fans. This cd seems to be various mid energy ballads. The first four songs fit this mellow theme. “Rollin' Along” tries to pick up the energy but the lyrics kinda fall flat, seeming to lack the kind of raw dirt lyrics that cause pictures and movies to blow up in your head, the essence of a great country song. After five more mid to low energy ballads this cd finally kicks into gear with “I Came To Git Down”, the very type of song that made them famous initially. So if you're looking for classic Big & Rich harmony singing and great guitar and drum work, this cd provides it. But if you're looking for the next Big & Rich “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” or “We're Comin' To Your City”, it's not here.

Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International

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