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CD: ANGIE SENGER - Country Memories

Country Memories
Get Crazy - Dry Red Roses - I'm Gone - I Walk These Halls Alone - Last Train - Bad Moon - I'm Single Again - Country Memories - Lost At Sea - Just Fishing - What Were You Thinking - That Big Old Tree - What Are You Looking For - Party In The Garage

All of the songs on this classic country album were written by the Minnesota vocalist, musician, and obviously good songwriter, Angie Senger.  I believe she spends her winter-time in or near Phonenix, Arizona, where she hones her talent for writing with her talent for vocalizing.  It's also notable that this particular CD was recorded at ChasBen Audio in Apache Junction, Arizona. The mix is pretty stunning, and sounds like a lot of engineer hours were spent by Charles Bennington making the 'balance' so easy to listen to.  Angie has a very nice 'country' voice.  She vocalizes her feelings of being alone, single, gone, and wanting to party.  It's the early 70's and 80's sound of country music on this album.  I really like the way the electric guitar picks lead.  Sounds like brothers picking, but it's Angie on acoustic rhythm guitar, and Jay Dee Hoag picking lead behind her, and really does a nice job.  Angie also plays the bass, and she does that in the older straight country style.  No need for jazz runs or attempts to make this the lead instrument, it' not necessary.  Her song structure is also quite good.  She stays within that 3-chord style that so wonderfully embellishes the original, very identifiable character of country music.  Well, OK, she modulates occasionally, and sometimes uses a fourth chord to emphasize a bar or two.   Sounds a little like Luther Perkins pickin' on "Last Train" a nice Johnny Cash touch to Angie's lovely voice.  I was kind of hoping she would yodel on "I'm Single Again" a perfect song for that kind of touch.  Still, it's a well written country song just as it is.  I also like, very much, how the front cover of this album flows into the rear cover.  Same photo, but enlarged on the back to match the front.  Took some graphics expertise to make that happen, and it's well done.  Good CD.  Off it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their listening.  They are getting a lot of CD's the last few years with this 70's/80's style of recording, but I never know how they are going to 'rate' anything.  My best of luck to Angie.
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