Thursday, January 14, 2016

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist January 14. 2016

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist January 14. 2016

1 Doug Allen Nash - If I Give My Soul 
2 Glen Campbell- By The Time I Get To Phoenix
3  Jason Lee McKinney Band- Whole Lotta Texas   
4  gordon hendricks- stirring up feelings 
5 Interview Jane Bach by countrymusicnewsinternational  
6  Ryan Broshear- Make Each Moment Last  
7 Mark Stephen Jones- Red White and Pink Slip Blues 
8 Thopper- Just Another Trucker Passing By
9 Ash Cooper Band - Where you left me   
10 the northern cowboys - Good Old Times 
11 Justin van Sant - Thank You    
12 Jason Lee McKinney - One More Time  
13 Interview Jason Lee McKinney by countrymusicnewsinternational 
14 Jason Lee McKinney Band - It's Not You  
15 Interview Kendall Phillips by countrymusicnewsinternational 
16 Clinton Gregory - Crucifixion  
17 Dane Fontaine - You dont deserve my love anymore
18 Wenche - Dance The Night Away  
19 Jamie Bowles - Complete By Bill Curtis, Kenny Angel & Janelle 
20 Justine Blazer -Amen For The Weekend 
21 Justine Blazer Interview by countrymusicnewsinternational 
22 Justine Blazer- He Don't Have To  
23 The J.C. Andersen Band - Where the Weak Get Strong 
24 s w lafollet - nickle to dime  
25 Mads Toghøj Band- holding on to you
26 Dailey & Vincent -Back To Jackson County 
27 memphis bouleward -going dancing
26 J.Tex - I got friends in Sarasota

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