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CD: RANDY BARLOW - Dimensions

Love Dies Hard - Dixie Man - Never Loved Me A Woman - New York City - Willow Run - Sweet Dreams Man - Why Go Searching - Don't Give Up On Me - Can't Believe I Fell For That Line - Tucson, Mama & Home
You might remember Randy Barlow.  He was in the big-time some years ago (1976-1983), and then drifted away from the mainstream.  He appeared at the LeMars Iowa Festival of Country Music in 2015 for induction into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  He's aged, like all of us, but for those of us who still remember, this album "Dimensions," it's a real winner.  It actually came out in 1981, but Randy gave me a copy at the LeMars festival, and here it is now in my 'record review' box.  Wow, this single CD makes country music artists of today look like spoiled-babies.  Randy never left the 'soul' out of his country music, which so-called country artists today have unfortunately done.  Listening to Randy's powerful voice, especially on a song like "New York City Cowboys" one wonders at his incredible use of steel-guitar and fiddles, and also at the same time, wonder why so-called country music artists today abhor that same sound.  Randy Barlow is not afraid to be called 'country' but in today's climate I don't believe I would call him country.  He's much much more than that by today's genre standards.  I would call him 'Gold Country' for he certainly has that in his voice, still.  His love songs are extraordinary, and I'm sure attracts a lot of female fans to his side.  His biggest hit, you might remember was "24 Hours From Tulsa."  However he was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  I can see no reason why Randy Barlow shouldn't team up with Bobby Bare and put some of these authentic songs out for those fans of 'real' country music that are looking for the music of both of these fine artists.  This album "Dimensions" was produced by Fred Kelly, the composer of the first song "Love Dies Hard," and indeed, just as Randy makes it so believable, true love does die hard.  Randy contributed four of his own compositions to this very attractive CD.  I would hope that he continues his efforts in keeping country music in his style alive and well.  No one else is Randy, so it's up to you.  This CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their listen, and I'm hopeful they will keep that simple little descriptive term alive...."Gold Country"  "I want to go home, I want to go home, oh how I want to go home."  Hey Randy Barlow, Detroit City never sounded so good.
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