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1. You're the one
2. American made
3. Fancy free
4. Love song
5. ya'll come back saloon
6. Sail Away
7. Dream on
8. This crazy love
9. Trying to love two women
10. Come on in
11.Make my life with you
12.thank god for kids
14. Bobbie Sue

     With a library of great songs and memories dated back to 1977,  the group the Oak Ridge Boys still to current day 
deliver a great album of songs, including this album "Boys night out". This album is chalked full of memories from the early days til  now. I have not had the real pleasure of ever seeing the Oak Ridge Boys in concert, however,  I feel like I have with this album. The album, Boys night out starts off with their 1st top 5 song from 1977,  "You're the One". Song after song this album brings you down memory lane, and adds the feel of being at their concert, one song after another. 
     The albums ability to transport you back in time and yet making you feel as if it was heard for the first time with the live crowds cheering in the back round. After listening to this album it made me break out the Oak Ridge Boys library and re-visit their sound again. With the love ballad "Trying to love two women" I can see why this group was honored with the 1996 CMA award. Song after song I began to find myself singing along with all the songs, including the number one single, "Elvira" which charted both on country charts as well as the pop charts, believe it or not back in 1981. This group has stood the test of time with it's roots dating back to the 1940's and their most current album entitled "Rock of ages", and with being inducted into the Country Music hall of Fame, they really are an "American Family" and one of America's finest musical acts.
Steven Adams for Country Music News International

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