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CD: DON JOY & MELANIE LYNN - Wade Jackson Tribute

Wade Jackson Tribute
Take Me With You - Please Be Mine - Don't Be Angry - I'll Take You Back - Dying Laughing - Daddy's Baby Girl - Wild Wild Wind - Grand Ole Opry In Heaven - Red Roses Blooming Back Home - Room Number 10
Today, my first review session of 2016,  I have the extreme pleasure to review two CD's, both of them by Don Joy and Melanie Lynn who make their home in Missouri.  What is the real treat here is hearing the songs of Wade Jackson done so well.  This is classic country with a capital "C" and this couple know exactly how to make these kind of country songs stand out so valiantly, so bravely, so beautifully.  You might not be familiar with Wade Jackson.  For one thing, he is the brother of Stonewall Jackson, but maybe more importantly he's the composer of all the songs on this great album, including one of the sweetest country love songs ever written "Don't Be Angry." Country music in the classic and traditional style speak of 'real' things, 'real' feelings, 'real' experiences, which is nearly the opposite of so-called country music coming from Nashville in this year of 2016.  Unfortunately the so-called country songs we hear today are written at the command of whoever holds the purse strings, very very different than the obvious true feelings of a songwriter who is composing and writing on paper with tears streaming from their eyes.  That's what Wade Jackson is all about. The 'real-deal.'  What is also 'real-deal' about this recording is the absolutely devoted real-country style of Don Joy and Melanie Lynn.  If this CD was on the market 20 years ago it would be an instant hit.  In today's world, real country music has a hard time surviving, but the good thing about it is with couples like this that are so devoted to the music, the meaning of the music, and the ultimate satisfaction it gives both the performers of it and the listeners of it, this very American music genre still has a chance of surviving.  The same message holds true for elderly Wade Jackson, who is still out there, holding his own, keeping the 'real' country music alive.  This session of his songs are extremely well done, and if I were a little bug on the wall of the recording studio that Don Joy and Melanie walked into that first session they did with these incredibly accomplished musicians, I can just hear the sighs moving around the room, as each and every one of them whispering, we finally got some 'real' country to record. The entire session is extremely well done, including "Daddy's Baby Girl" done in the old Red Sovine style of 'telling' the story to music.  Wow, what a treat to hear Don Joy do this with such amazing sincerity and honesty.   Wade Jackson is up in his years, but he still performs, and he has been nominated for induction into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  Keep your fingers crossed he makes it to LeMars, Iowa, Aug. 29-Sept 4, 2016 for the ceremonies.
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