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CD: DON JOY & MELANIE LYNN - He Looked Down From The Cross


He Looked Down From The Cross
He Looked Down From The Cross - From The Depths Of My Heart - What I Can't See - I Owe You One - I'm Just Resting Up - Weeds In The Masters Garden - He Does Me Nothing But Good - He Rescued Me - Mama - Legacy of Love - That's How God Forgives - When You Reach Beyond The Clouds
If I didn't know better, I'd believe the same musicians Don Joy and Melanie Lynn used on their first Nashville session a "Wade Jackson Tribute," are the same ones on this session.  The songwriters are different on this one though, a totally different listening experience for the many fans of Don Joy and Melanie Lynn.  Don Joy has a very sensitive rural sound in his voice.  For real country music that has to be the case.  Melanie sweetens it with some wonderful harmony as well as lead singing. Going from hearing her sing "Grand Ole Opry In Heaven" written by Wade Jackson, to a CD completely filled with lovely Christian gospel songs is quite a treat.  I really liked the way this duet changed a very bluegrass song by the Isaacs into a wonderful 'country' song, mandolin and all.  That's really where the two genres are surviving.  Bluegrass is very much like the original hill music, the rural music of America, and the 'real' classic country of artists like Don Joy and Melanie Lynn keep that spark alive in the way and manner in which they devote themselves to the music they truly love.  Quite frankly I hope this couple do not become too famous.  If they do, I fear they will abandon this wonderful sound they have right now.  Don has complete control of his voice, as does Melanie, and together they have created a wonderful Midwest sound we've been missing for far too long.  There's a photo of this couple, in the album notes, walking through an obvious Missouri wooded forest, Don holding his beautiful acoustic guitar and Melanie smiling the answer to his question, 'do you wanna sing a country song?'  This couple is not married, but Mrs. Joy is a strong part of and supporter of what their music is doing.  Both Don and Melanie have promised to be at the 41st annual National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa Aug 29-Sept 4, 2016, and hopefully with their very close and dear friend, Wade Jackson.  I sincerely hope that comes to pass, what a beautiful show we would have with this trio together with some of our great pickers.  I hope for some of the readers of Country Music News International, especially the disc jockeys in Europe who still play 'real' country music that they make an attempt to correspond with this great couple, get a couple of their CD's, and give their listeners a real treat of incredibly gifted 'real' classic country music of today.  Don's voice and control stands out strongly on "Weeds In The Master's Garden," and it's absolutely beautiful.  Maybe the fact that Don is a Missouri farmer has something to do with that.  And no wonder, it's takes a farmer to understand real 'country' music.  I was a farmer growing up too, and love to give Don a hard time, but he's 'true' country, and that makes him a gentleman.
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