Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Glen Campbell - I'll be me

Glen Campbell - I'll be me

I'm not gonna miss you - featuring the Wrecking Crew
Gentle on my mind - The Band Perry
Remembering - Ashley Campbell
All I need is you - Glen Campbell
The long walk home - Glen Campbell
Witchita Lineman - Glen Campbell
A Better place - Glen Campbell
Gentle on my mind - The Band Perry
Home again - Ashley Campbell
I'm not gonna miss you - Glen Campbell 

From his movie of the same name Mr.glen Campbell releases, I'll be me"  more than likely his last studio album, since his announcement of his illness of alzheimers. This album is superb in the fashion of Glen Campbell where he plays that signature guitar sound. I call it Galveston sound. However this album features Glen singing his classic song witchita lineman live from Ryman auditorium where one can hear a little of his illness affecting his lyrics, but the true Glen Campbell fan knows all his library by heart & can sing along with him. This alum also features Glen's daughter Ashley Campbell doing a couple of her songs  one song that really stood out to me is called "remembering" which is a song that allows her to be vulnerable in a way allowing the person who is listening to this song get to know Glen Campbell through his daughters song writing. The band Perry is also featured on this album and does a really admirable job on the song "Gentle on my mind.  Glen also does a song that he collaborates with the group The Wrecking Crew, the song I'm not gonna miss you" a very point directed song that tells a story about how Glen must really feel inside, and this song is really pointed and very honest lyrics. The other song on the album that always brings the tears to my eyes personally is called a Better Place" it seems as we get older we get more profound about our lives in the past and can almost see what is in our future as well, this song really sums up Glen's life in about two in a half minutes. This song was also debuted on his  2011 album "Ghost on the Canvas" which is in  my opinion going to go down in music history as one of the best albums of all time. I thoroughly enjoyed this album, but coming from a total Glen Campbell fan I am favorable of this album. Glen started out as Champ and is a true "Rhinestone Cowboy"   
Steven Adams for Country Music News International

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