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CD: TAMRA ROSANES - Over The Ocean

Over The Ocean
Where Have All The Flowers Gone - There Is A Tavern In The Town - My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean - Old Folks At Home - Home On The Range - Red River Valley - Greensleeves - Midnight Special - Shenandoah - Last Thing On My Mind - Down In The Valley - Goodnight Irene
Tamra Rosanes is without a doubt one of the best American American-Style singers to record and perform her music in the country of Denmark and the entire Scandinavian area of Europe for that matter.  Tamra is a kind of Dolly Parton of the Scandinavian countries, doing a lot of pop-country as well as traditional and classic country, but she also likes to sing the songs she grew up with, and put together this very attractive 'folk' style album.  Using some of the best of Scandinavian musicians as her backing, she has brought these old folk-songs alive again, with a very different approach, and certainly a very entertaining way.  I enjoyed listening to each and every  one of these great old songs, for a couple of reasons.  One, they are all songs that I have either performed or recorded for the Smithsonian Institution, and also because they are the best of the folk songs that still survive, and Tamra does a remarkable job presenting them in her very own very distinctive style.  She begins with the popular Pete Seeger song 'Where Have all The Flowers Gone."  Seeger is also one of the recording artists and songwriters that works for the Smithsonian.  It's Tamra Rosanes however, who brings new life to these songs. I especially liked "Home On The Range."  Somehow I can hear birds singing in the intro, and the harmony that accompanies her beautiful voice is very apt.  "Greensleeves" is another incredibly adapted song, old as it is, to a more modern presentation.  It's stunningly beautiful.  Tamra picked two songs written by the famous Huey Ledbetter, both of then written by his experiences in a jail cell.  The first of a train that ran by the prison late at night, and the second his girlfriend that lived in an old apartment house across the tracks from that same railroad.  Both excellently done.  This incredible CD was recorded in two huge sessions, one in Oslo, Norway, and one in Copenhagen, Denmark. A tremendous number of musicians, and all of them different for both sessions.  What a massive undertaking to be so well done.  For some reason my computer player would not let me listen to the last two songs, both of them classic folk tunes.  Kudos to Tamra Rosanes for a terrific CD that belongs right in the country, western, and folk music library of anyone who likes really good music. 
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