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CD: DON JOY & MELANIE LYNN - Cover Songs 2014

Cover Songs 2014
Til A Tear Becomes A Rose - Farewell Party - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Me & You - In The Misty Moonlight - We Believe In Happy Endings - Memories To Burn -  Bad Goodbye - Back In The Arms of Love - Until My Dreams Come True
This delightful couple came to our 40th Old-Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, in 2015 for the first time.  They were remarkably well accepted, which is quite easy to understand, because of their super good harmony singing.  Both of them are terrific solo singers, but they really excel as a harmony duo. Not sure when or where they recorded this particular album, but just looking at the titles, you can see some of the best classic and traditional country music is represented here.  I don't remember some of the original artists, but just listening to these great songs done again by such a very 'real' country duet-style is a real treat.  Not sure when this was recorded, but I believe it's done with taped backing.  That isn't always bad.  In this case both Don Joy and Melanie Lynn are more than capable of make the recording sound like a regular studio production.  Some of these backing tracks are extremely well done, and it takes a good harmony duo to do this. Together, their voices support that great backing.  The steel is super good throughout the entire production. We don't know who the musicians are, wish I did, they are super good.  One of their special arrangements here is "In The Misty Moonlight," which turned out really well, especially the narration part which turned out just great.  I got to hear this duo, live, at the annual festival in Mountain View, Arkansas, in 2015, where they did a super good job at Lucy Jackson's performance center.  They are both well at ease performing for an audience, large or small, they still give us the real deal in country music. Some of these songs they recorded are sad losing-love songs, but they also put some really great winning-love songs on too, which balances the entire project as a nice all around entertaining experience. This couple has already won a CD of the Year award from the Rural Roots Music Commission, so once again we are going to forward this delightful CD to that same group who do such a good job with local, statewide, and regional artists.
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