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CD: BEULAH AND JOENELL - Lord, Light A Candle

Lord, Light A Candle
Relay For Life - Just One Touch - Three Little Words (He Loved Me) - Lord, Light A Candle For Me - Fiddles In Heaven - Signs Of The End - Brand New Me - Daddy - Will The Angels Sing Amazing Grace - Jesus Brings The Calm - Happy Ever After, After All - Her Choice - Happy Birthday To Jesus
This is a very interesting CD.  It's a project of two friends, Beulah the poet, and her friend Joenell the singer.  This is also apparently the last one they will do together since Joenell and her husband have moved to Mississippi.  This very pretty and very religious project is also very important because of the 'times' we live in today.  You'll find a special message in the song "Signs Of The End."  Beulah Starr has been writing poetry for many years, and after much prodding by friends is finally getting these wonderful poem-songs recorded.  This project is quite well done, and every Christian who would like to hear some very sensitive and very positive songs about our relationship with our Lord Jesus, will love this CD.  The first song "Relay For Life" Beulah sang at the Newton, Iowa, Relay Track Event. The production centers around a very involved keyboard played by Carl Sanford.  Greg Williams on drums, Charles Baker on bass, guitar, and strings. Chuck Carpenter on fiddle, banjo and Dobro.  You can hear him excel on 'Fiddles In Heaven."  The whole session has a nice mix, and it definitely brings a new songwriter to the forefront you haven't heard before.  Beulah is an excellent songwriter, her 'touch' is obviously her deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ, just as she would like it.  She wrote all the songs on this CD, my favorite being "Fiddles In Heaven" which is country through and through, 'real' country.  Beulah is not in the commercial business of music.  It took quite a long time for her to get her lovely poems set to music, and then finally recorded, but here they are.  A brand new songwriter I hadn't ever heard before, with original music so pleasant and easy to listen to.  It's five stars to this brilliant worker of words who can make us feel her own ideals and pleasantries in words of her own choice.  Easy to understand, easy to listen to, and certainly prophetic as "Signs Of The End" so diligently tells us. 
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