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Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams – Something 'Bout You

Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams – Something 'Bout You
1. Something 'Bout You 3:51
2. I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name 4:22
3. Don't Blame Me 3:42
4. Slowly But Surely 2:52
5. Tear Stained Letter 4:13
6. Wind In The Valley 3:48
7. More and More 2:48
8. Maybe Tomorrow 2:37
9. Forever Has Come To An End 2:58
10. My Dreams 3:05
11. Old Pal Of Yesterday 3:48
12. Will There Ever Be Another 2:33
13. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) 3:42
14. I Don't Care 2:41
Amy Gallatin and Roger Williams sing duets and each sing solo on “Something
'Bout You”, their 14 song cd smoothly transcending the traditional boundary
between ballad bluegrass and traditional country music. The dobro on this cd is
as superb as their singing. Lyrics can be easily understood but also seem to
meld seamlessly into the instrumentation. No song seems to stand out beyond
another nor sink beneath another. “Something 'Bout You” is a smooth, soothing
listening experience. This cd is not Indy 500 Bluegrass ala Foggy Mountain
Breakdown. “Something 'Bout You” is Pinot Grigio Bluegrass. It is marshmallow
& winter fireplace Bluegrass. Do not expect an Ernest Tubb experience; expect
something more like early Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner.
Written by Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International

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