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CD: ROSS FAMILY - Higher Ground

Higher Ground
The Blood Line - The Record Book - Count Your Blessings - Higher Ground - House of Gold - I Know - I'm A Soldier - Hallelujah I'm Ready - On My Father's Side - Teddy Bear Revival - Through It All
This lovely family group is a bluegrass gospel quartet.  Hailing from Piedmont, Missouri, they have brought the 'family' musical adventure full circle.  This experience is a mom and dad with two very talented musical children.  Dad, Jeff,  picked up on the bass, and mom, Danita, on the mandolin to help back these two gifted kids.  Charity is about 15 years old at this writing, who has the stunning vocals that makes their work stand out, but more importantly she plays the fiddle exceptionally well.  It's her younger brother Justus that stands out on acoustic guitar and Dobro.  His vocals are super too.  "Count Your Blessings" is the first song that jumps out to the listener on this session, followed by "House of Gold" both of which are up-tempo really well done old-time style gospel songs.  The family recorded this project at the Raney Studios which is a good choice, just about everything coming out of that studio is good work.  This family group is already moving their musical career along rapidly. The children will be the recipients of "Rising Legends" awards at the 41st annual National Old Time Country/Bluegrass/Folk Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, Aug. 29-Sept 4, 2016.  It's the up-tempo songs that this family does so well, and it is this same 'style' that the old-time folks who love old-time music will like the best. We'll be looking forward to having this gifted family at the annual convention of 'real' country and bluegrass music.
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  1. We are truly humbled by this recognition.

  2. We at the home church are so proud of this family!! And so proud of these two young people who have chosen to hone their talents for the Lord and to use them for His Glory. Through Vacation Bible Schools, Church Camps, and Christmas Plays, we have watched them grown from quiet, willing workers for the Lord to bold and vibrant musicians praising and serving HIM through their music. We are so proud of all four of you, and Mrs. Carol thinks you are just great!!!