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CD: Mark Collie - Alive at Brushy Mountain

Mark Collie - Alive at Brushy Mountain

One More Second Chance (2:58)
I Could've Gone Right (3:10)
Maybe Mexico (5:33)
Heaven Bound (3:17)
Got a Feelin' For Ya (3:26)
On The Day I Die (6:03)
Dead Man Runs Before He Walks (3:44)
Rose Covered Garden (4:45)
Why Me Lord (4:29)
Do As I Say (3:13)
Someday My Luck Will Change (5:58)
Folsom Prison Blues (4:12)
Reckless Companions (5:37)
Gospel Train (5:21)

This destined to be a classic cd by Mark Collie was originally recorded live at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in 2001, located in East Tennessee. Mark Collie sang for some of the most notorious criminals ever incarcerated during this recorded live concert. Fast forward 14 years and Alive at Brushy Mountain is finally released for sale. This cd is a definite add to your collection. In the spirit of his musical hero Johnny Cash, he greets the crowd with “Hello, I'm Mark Collie” and kicks into the knockout song “One More Second Chance” followed by a little crowd banter and into “I Could've Gone Right” which he told the convicted criminal crowd they might relate to the lyric.  Then Mark Collie told a little story about a fella who jumped into a cab with him who said he recognized Mark Collie as “Kenny Chestnut” or “Mark McCoy” or somebody like that, and told Collie he should write a song about him. So Mark Collie did and then sang it, entitled “Maybe Mexico”.  The amazing Kelly Willis then takes the stage to sing “Got A Feeling For Ya” with Collie singing harmony on the chorus.  Gatemouth Brown sings on “Someday My Luck Will Change” followed by Mark Collie singing his kickass catchy version of the Johnny Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues”.  At this point you won't even care what Mark Collie is singing just as long as he continues to sing.  You will not get enough Mark Collie Alive At Brushy Mountain until you've listened to this cd three times in a row and then it will be placed first in your cd rack.
Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International

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