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CD: GINNY PETERS - From The Pen Of

From The Pen Of
New Beginnings - String Tickling - Call Me Darling - Same Sun and Moon - Could It Be - Some Things Have To Be Believed To Be Seen - Dans Less Bras Du Passe - Beyond Vision - Straight Talk - Happy Anniversary - Thanks For Nothing - My Heart Keeps Changing My Mind - Lady With Blues On Her Mind - If This Is Love - We Almost Touched - I've Got My Eye On Heaven - I'm Saying Thank You
Many know that I consider Ginny Peters, who makes her home in New Zealand, one of the best 'real' country music songwriters in the world today.  She found herself at the age of four dislocated from the shores of Scotland to the shores of New Zealand, where she eventually married and made a home with Errol Peters.  Already a successful songwriter with Cliffie Stone among others in the USA, and an entire stable of New Zealand artists, Ginny has kept the ink in her pen clean, honest, heartfelt, sincere, and without a doubt, with the unique storytelling ability to tell a story.  This particular CD is kind of a 50-year look at her songs as done by other artists.  It's truly amazing to listen to this entire CD and recognize that the 'soul' of country music still resides here, now so long vanished from Nashville, Tennessee.  It's a delight from song number one which has such a nice 'country' feel to it.  Song number two puts  me right in the chair beside New Zealand's most famous guitarist Peter Posa.  What a genuine talent he is.  He didn't actually play this song, though I'm sure he wished he had  The player Jim Coyle sounds like he wants to sound like Peter Posa, since it's an instrumental, and I believe he accomplished his wish.  The 'songs' of Ginny Peters warrant an incredible 'Thank You" from every country music fan on planet earth, even though this CD is Ginny's way of saying 'Thank You' to the many fans and artists who like her songs.  If you like a little departure from 'real country' try a little 'real blues' on "Lady With Blues On Her Mind."  WOW, not only is this an incredible song, it's an incredible vocalist who 'knows' what she's doing.  I'll just bet when Ginny first heard this recording of her song, she asked first, "Did I really write that" and secondly, "Boy I'm glad I did it for Josie K who recorded it."  It's that good, and my recent visit to the Big Easy tells me they'd go nuts over this one.  Ginny has had 76 recordings made of her various songs, six of them in other countries, including the USA.  My favorite Peters song recorded by an American artist is "I Only See You," but is not included in this terrific CD.  Our very own Marge Lund turned in a beautiful version of this great song.  Toward the end of this CD we find a super-neat gospel song "I've Got My Eyes On Heaven" done so remarkably well by David Austen.  I'm looking strongly forward to the same 'brand new home' that both David and Ginny are waiting for.  Ginny closes the entire 17-song incredible collection with her very own 'Dolly sounding' lovely voice.  The backing on this song is as good or better than anything else we hear.  What a 'reflection' we get to see listening to this remarkable musical trip through time.  And what a time it is!  I also appreciate the work of Errol behind the scenes, mixing and matching everything to 'equal' volume levels a well as listenable levels.  A totally well done job, not just the artists, but mostly 'The Songwriter And Her Husband,' now there's a challenge for you.
REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International

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