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CD: GARY GIBBS - Beyond The Sunset

Beyond The Sunset
In The Garden - Church In The Wildwood - Mansion Over The Hilltop - Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Are You Washed In The Blood - How Great Thou Art - I Saw The Light - It Is No Secret - The Old Rugged Cross - Wings Of A Dove p- Beyond The Sunset - Farther Along - Take My Hand Precious Lord - I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap - Welcome To My World
Right from the heart of Mountain View, Arkansas, this CD of old-time 'real country' gospel tunes couldn't be more on the mark in the selection of material.  These are without a doubt the most popular gospel songs to ever come out of the original and very 'real' musical genre called 'country' music.  Today that genre has changed to an unrecognizable musical expression, but in Mountain View, Arkansas, where Gary Gibbs makes his home, is still a fervent and dedicated source of 'real' country music.  I got to hear Gary singing in person at Lucy Jackson's performance hall in Mountain View, and he's a very down-home gentle man who not only appreciates the really good old-time gospel songs, he sings them well, with passion and true grit.  I like the beautiful simplicity of this CD, it isn't 'overdone' and the backing musicians are just right, especially the steel guitar player, Lloyd Brown, who is tops.  Mountain View has become a gathering place of those who appreciate 'real' country music, and even older forms going all the way back to early mountain music makers.  Gary Gibbs is carrying on this tradition of keeping the old songs alive, and he does a remarkably good job doing exactly that on this project. Mike Broone does a nice job adding some excellent mandolin to this session, and Carolyn Carter adds a 'just right' vocal harmony, mixed in just right, behind Gary.  What a treat to not only be present at the annual 'Bean Fest' at Mountain View, but to also get to hear some traditional country and gospel music done so well.  I will be forwarding this excellent CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their listening.  They like old-time gospel as much as I do, so I have my fingers crossed they will hear Gary Gibbs as honestly as I do.  Keep it up Mr. Gibbs, you are doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will find your road full of interesting experiences as you pursue this adventure.
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