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Interview with Jimmy Fortune

Jimmy Fortune – 12 Pack

1. Jimmy, what is your earliest musical memory? Singing in church with my family.

2. If you were to be left on a deserted island for one year and you could pick three albums to be there with you and couldn’t pick any of your own, whom would you pick? Eagles self-titled first release, anything by the Isaacs, and Vince Gill “Still Believe In You”.

3. Which song or album are you listening to the most right now? T Graham Brown “Forever Changed.”

4. Your house is on fire – all your family, children and pets are saved. By the trick of fate you are told you can run in and get one item to carry out, what will you save from the flames? My 1967 Martin D-28.

5. If you could have changed one thing in your past, what would it be? I wouldn’t change anything because it may have altered where I am now.

6. Which one of superman’s powers would you like to have? To fly.

7. What was your dream car when you turned 16 years old? 1957 Chevy convertible.

8. If you could be given credit for writing one song that has already been written, what would be your song? “Till I Gain Control Again.”

9. If you would get a phone call from one person in the world right now, whom would you like to hear from? Billy Graham.

10. If you had a 10,000 gift card, where would you go to spend it? Gruhn Guitar.

11. Please finish the sentence: I would love to have been there in musical history when? When the Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two started.

12. If you could have it guaranteed that you can teach you children at least one important thing, what would it be? That Jesus can and is the way out to inward peace.

 Preshias Harris for Country Music News International Magazine
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