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Eileen Carey Releases New Single “Faith”

Eileen Carey Releases New Single “Faith”
October 1, 2015 - Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. -  Singer/Songwriter Eileen Carey released a new single this week entitled “Faith” that she co-wrote with Kathryn Grimm.  It’s a sisterly boost to every woman who’s “working overtime to try to get the wrong man’s attention.”   With an impassioned vocal delivery and a hot, pulsating backup band, Eileen implores the ladies to “have a little faith” in themselves. Just as she demonstrated in a previous single, the rocking—and rock solid—“Bottle Your Crazy Up,” Eileen knows the alluring hazards of the night and the explosiveness of acting on impulse.  
The single is available on AirplayAccess as well as CDX Volume # 623.
Consumers can purchase Eileen Carey's music online from any of hundreds of digital retailers including, iTunes and Amazon.

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