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CD: TOM SMITH - Shades of the Moon

Shades of the Moon
Shades of the Moon - Words - Antoinette - New Year's Wish - Sometimes Home - Christopher Columbus - Just Because - Wainbow - Isabel - It's A Funny Thing - Alternate Suggestions - To Watch A Smile - Now and When - Sunday Afternoon - Dragon Toes
Tom Smith is one of those emulating original artists that is in a constant state of creative development.  This CD is neither country nor bluegrass, however it does become semblabie to an intellectual seeking a very close encounter of the third chord.  Mr. Smith has a largess of noumenon and he delivers, especially on the first two songs on the endeavor.  He's using a resophonic guitar to produce the melodious compositions only he knows from whence they came or where they shall go.  It's a huge 'dream world' he creates, in music as well as words.  Each composition has an introduction of 'words' that demonstrate Mr. Smith's valid world of, in his words, 'your wildest dreams.'  Well demonstrated in composition #5 "Sometimes Home" which is a sometimes frantic rush....not just in the mind, but also in the fingers as they race across the finger board of a 5-string banjo in a frantic manner establishing 'sometimes' what 'home' might be.  The creative 'Christopher Columbus' could probably be better explained by the amazing 'light' Columbus saw arise from the sea and fly off in the clouds, when he entered the Bermuda Triangle.  Mr. Smith, rather, 'wonders' what Christopher Columbus's wife (wives) might have said, or did, to encourage old Chris to find a new world.  Much of the music Tom Smith creates is 'new world' not only in thought, but in the manner he presents it.  Interesting new concept to say the least.  Definitely not for someone wanting to have a waltz around the kitchen table, but for an intellectual wishing to know what a 'smile' looks like, or how fortunate one can be if they can smile at a dream.  So it goes with Tom Smith and his new world excursions into a world of music not many can or are able to penetrate.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President NTCMA - www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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