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CD: ROYAL WADE KIMES - Shadows of Time

Shadows of Time
Wayward Wind - Cut The Line - Eight Second Time - Stephenville Heist - I'm A Hand - Gold in These Hills - Come Here Boy - Back In Tombstone - Ride A Bad Hoss - Turn Back - Making Hay - Cowboy Dreaming
I just can't understand the so-called 'radio-country' stations in America these days.  By playing all this 'un-country stuff' coming out of Nashville they are missing an incredibly huge amount of tremendously talented recording artists that still know what real country music is, and how to present it incredibly well done.  This guy Royal Wade Kimes is a new artist to me, but he not only opens his wonderful CD with a classic country & western song, he does it better than I've ever heard it, and there have been plenty of artists who have recorded this eclectic song "The Wayward Wind."  The voice of this man is incredible sincere and I mist up at how well he does his songs.  He's got a tremendous voice, full of appeal, honesty, and he's also a truly gifted songwriter-singer.  He wrote ten of the twelve songs on this offering, and they are all extremely well done. I really like the way he does "Cut The Line."  It's an honest cowboy's departure from a relationship that isn't working, but it's his voice that is so appealing as well as the words he is singing.  I get a lot of CD's by songwriters that write nice poems, but the poems need to be singable to be a song.  That's exactly what Royal Wade Kimes is doing with his works, singing them.  And just so you know, his works are incredibly good.  Listening to him is kind of like taking a step back in time to a more gentle, more believable, more entertaining entertainment experience.  I just love the way Thomas Yankton Mingus weaved his harmonica in and out of some of these beautiful adventures in music.  Royal also has the 'feel' as well as the good sense to add Laurie Canaan's fiddle in the 'just right' places.  If you could just 'hear' this guy sing, you would instantly recognize how truly gifted he is, and how much better he is than the so-called super stars of country music today.  George Bradfute is the engineer and producer, and he's so completely into the vein of this production, I am totally surprised this CD is not being played on every country radio station in America.  It is such a pleasant experience for me to listen to this soft country & western music again.  It's a music that God must also like, for it is still here, alive and well, and extremely done superbly.  Royal makes his home in Arkansas, which must surely account for his very strong 'genre' approach to keeping this particular style of music alive and well. There's a couple that lean toward the cowboy-outlaw style of Waylon, Willie, & Johnny, but the voice of Royal sets right well on that mantle. But mostly this album is full of extremely well done 'real country' songs and singing with even a little Jerry Lee sound on "Making Hay."  I shall definitely send this along to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their perusal.  Good things happening here, especially since Royal is promoted as the Gentleman Outlaw.
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