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CD: DIANNE LINDSAY - All Things Country

All Things Country
Part Of Me - R.M. - Akubras In The Snow - That Old Blue Dog Of Mine - Chimney In The Paddock - On The Night Train - Stoke's Trail - Last Of The Sunshine Cowboys - Dog Without His Mack - Living In The Shadow Of The Horseshoe - Leave Him In The Longyard - Fletcher's Place - The Salvo - Old Tobacco Tin - Country Music My Friend
I'm a 'Blessed' record reviewer.  I guess it's just how things happen, but I've just listened to a country and western CD by Royal Wade Kimes, a super good singer-songwriter, and here I am with album number two by a very very good singer-songwriter, a real cow-girl from Australia.  Dianne is one of those gifted vocalists that inside her soul she recognizes what 'real' country music is all about.  It's about 'real' things, 'real' experiences, 'real' adventures, 'real' life.  It is such a pleasant feeling to hear this pretty girl singing.  Right off the bat, she opens with one of her own songs (there are no less than eight songs of a Lindsay/Simpson origin on this album) with Rod McCormack gallantly stepping forward with a terrific Dobro sound.  Yes, all the way through this wonderful listening experience we hear some of the best 'acoustic' instruments and instrument players available in Australia.  It's always been a puzzle to me how a country so far away, so big and still so unsettled in much of it's borders, can still be so attuned to what 'real' country music is all about.  No problem here, just ask the fiddler Mick Albeck, or the harmonica player Trent Williamson, and they will certainly tell you what 'real' country music is.  They demonstrate that 'country way of life' here as faithfully and originally as anything I've heard in recent years.  I also really like the rhythm guitar backing.  It's not overloaded with long lengthy 'licks and leads' but stays right behind Dianne in every song she does.  A lot of these songs are 'family' created, and what fun that must be to kick the ideas around, get the melody started, let the words proceed, hear the 'product' as it's created.  What a treat it is for this family to be able to do that, and then listen to this CD they have created and 'wonder' wow did we do that?  Like all good CD's, no matter where they come from, this one will be forwarded to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their listening pleasure.  How can they resist a song like "That Old Blue Dog of Mine?"  Well they can't, so Dianne, not knowing what your situation is in Australia, I'd certainly start putting some coins in the piggy-bank actively looking forward to a "CD of the Year" award from these country folks up here in America's most 'rural' state, Iowa, where you can do the collecting
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President NTCMA.  www.ntcma.net   
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