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CD: COWBOY JOE BABCOCK - Trail Jazz, The Music The Cowboys Dance To

Trail Jazz, The Music The Cowboys Dance To
Cowboy Joe's Good Medicine Show - Please Don't Leave Me Anymore - By My Side - San Antonio Rose - No Way To Go But Down - Smoky Clubs and Dizzy People - I Know That She Loves Me - One More Memory To Go - She Got Religion - I Think I Fell In Love Again Tonight - Everything's Gotta Swing In Texas - A Little Sentimental - The Stratocaster Song - Cowboy Joe's G. M. S.-Reprise
What a surprise in the mail this week.  A brand new CD by one of my favorite Nebraska artists, Cowboy Joe Babcock. Joe has had a most interesting career.  He was born and raised in Spalding, Nebraska.  So was the Glaser Brothers (Put Another Log On The Fire), who took their consummate country music to Nashville.  Since they were all buddies, Joe soon followed suit, to sing with the Glasers and Marty Robbins.  He became a band member for Marty for seven years, honing his skills and beginning a tremendously successful songwriting career.  You might remember "I Washed My Hands in Muddy Waters" a #1 hit for Stonewall Jackson.  Or, you might remember Joe for the 25 years he was on Hee-Haw, most famously as the tenor singer for the many quartets on that show, his most popular being the 'cowboy' version.  Here he is back again, in a most incredibly brilliant musical role.  The last time I reviewed one of Joe's CD's I told him I was keeping the record for my own library.  This time he sent me a couple so I can share them with DJ's, my number one DJ friend being Dale Eichor on KWMT-radio Fort Dodge, Iowa, that still plays classic and traditional country music.  Boy, is Dale and his listeners ever going to enjoy this fantastic resurgence of a music the cowboys loved all the way back to Bob Wills, and Joe even includes 'San Antonio Rose' on this CD, full of equally well written songs by Joe, and produced by Chimney Rock Records. Joe's voice sounds as good now as it did 25 years ago.  He's a 'real' country boy, and he's a 'real' cowboy.  Western Swing music has always been a favorite of mine right up there with 'real' traditional and classic country music.  Cowboy Joe Babcock is holding to the 'truth' of the genre in every note, in every word, in every expression, in every utterance.  What a fantastic experience to hear this incredible music done so well, right now, today, against all the odds in the commercial music business.  This is another one of those million sellers that Joe Babcock has so deservedly earned.  What a delight!  He uses a couple of good fiddlers, Hoot Hester and Jim Buchanan, both of them delightful.  Some of the musicians I know, Pig Robbins on piano, D. J. Fontana (Elvis's drummer I used a couple of times.  Best 'steel' I hear on this one (he used several) is Curly Chalker on "Smoky Clubs & Dizzy People." Harmony on every song it was used is superlative, featuring Carol and Lorrie Babcock.  These girls are superb, and make up a good portion of the Babcocks as a performing group. Joe wrote twelve of the fourteen songs on this incredible 'western' CD, and they're all #1's to me.   For me
I've Got One More Memory To Go," stands tall and proud and my own memory includes the great Cowboy Joe Babcock as among my friend in the 'real' rural music of America.  Here it is, once again, and once more my neck hurts from all the chills I get just listening to this cowboy.  Whew, that's real music for me!  This CD is going directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their "CD of the Year" in western-swing music.  Keep your boots on Joe, I know how these guys think, something nice waiting for you next year! The Jimmie Rodgers 'blues' style on "She Got Religion" just blew me away. Whew!
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net for Country Music News International Magazine


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