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CD: ALLEN & MATT - What Really Matters

What Really Matters
In The Sweet By and By - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms - What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Farther Along - Come Thou Fount - The Old Rugged Cross - O Come Angel Band - He Hideth My Soul - It Is Well With My Soul - Does Jesus Care - Amazing Grace - Riverside Lullaby
Allen & Matt Carlson are a father/son Christian musical duo.  Though they don't tell us, I believe Allen is the dad. It's a remarkable gospel recording, as well as solo vocalizing by Allen which is very nice.  We get to hear some lovely vocal harmonizing on "In The Sweet By and By" and "Amazing Grace."  Matt plays a lot of instruments, all of them predominant on this musical offering.  Ukelele, yes, the ukulele is one of these very neat sounding instruments.  Piano, guitar, mandolin, and melodica are also his superlative instrumental offerings. "Come Thou Fount" is an instrumental incredibly well done, as is the bonus track "Riverside Lullaby." The album cover does not tell us that Allen plays guitar, but I believe he does.  This combination of father-son music is pretty incredible, and it's very obvious from listening that these two men as they give a tithe to Jesus Christ in the form of the music they present here, are very sincere with their beliefs.  Nicely done all the way through, it has that nice down-home touch of honesty and truthfulness and belief in the words they share with us.  It also has that nice down-home touch of 'real' singing, harmonizing, musical creation.  Super nice.  The gentlemen also dedicated this album to the memory of mother and grandmother Diane Carlson, a great fan and inspiration for them, who prayed that their music would bless many people.  I'm not 'many' people, but I certainly feel blessed after listening to these wonderful Christians share their special message with me.  I thought the 'mix' was very well done, the all-around recording well done, and certainly the 'feel' of the album is well done.  What a nice Christian outpouring of faith and love for Jesus Christ and all He does for us in these days of peril.  The Rural Roots Music Commission is always looking for good Christian Gospel recordings, off it goes to them.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net for Country Music News International Magazine

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